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Everyone is an artist.

Virtual Art Programs

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Virtual Art Programs offer art making with a therapeutic purpose, from the comfort and safety of your home. These are group sessions held on a virtual platform. Ideal for group homes or seniors care facilities.


Every program is custom for individual group needs. Participants will gain connection with self, others and knowledge about specific topics.


Areas of focus could include use of art materials, popular artists, healthy relationships, expression of self, emotional awareness and creative problem solving.

Customizable Options Include:

- Prepared art supply kits

- Group size

- Session frequency

- Areas of focus

- Budget conscious

Altered Book Workshops

Marie from ArtFull Mind Therapy has been studying the effective use of the altered books art form. Altered books use a published book as the canvas to create art. She has hosted groups centered around the unique ability of self expression through altered books.


Her passion for the art form was developed while working for a paper artist in London, England. These workshops are usually 2-3 hours in length for 4-6 sessions.


Self-Care Workshops

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In our daily lives we have many personal and/or professional responsibilities that can deplete our emotional battery. We also need time to recharge ourselves.

These workshops are designed for workplaces or community groups, to help foster a continual mindset around caring for yourself. Workshops may be 1-3 hours in length and can be provided virtually or in person depending on space.


Topics can be explored in depth through multiple or single sessions. Based on your needs, specific themes will be developed, for example mindfulness, meditations, emotional fatigue and resources for self-care.

Art Hives


An Art Hive is a community-driven, art making space. As Art Therapists, we  intentionally create a welcoming place for all members. We facilitate and educate your community on the benefits of creating art in a shared space. In an Art Hive there are many roles including ones that don't involve making art. We successfully work with communities to create inclusive, vibrant art making spaces.


Contact us to see if an Art Hive is right for you and your community.

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